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Photo: Kajsa Malmberg

I tried to approach the concept of sustainable & circularity in a different way. That is naming the furniture with a special day as a way of the circularity. So I named my design "shelf for the first salary”. Through the name, the abstract concept of memory is used as a medium of sustainable design.

The first salary would be a meaningful moment in life. So I wanted to suggest memorable furniture through buying furniture at this symbolic moment. It is because memory is a powerful medium that prevents people from discard things easily and increases the value of objects over time. People will spend a long time with furniture with special memories.

In other words, I want to propose intention (a culture or concept) to the user and use furniture for a long time through connection with furniture and memories. That is my main idea to increase the value of furniture through this approach and achieve sustainable design.

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Sidansvarig: Carina Krantz|Sidan uppdaterades: 2019-02-04

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