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Glass play

Photographer: Johan Werner AvbyThe unexpected combination of glass and toys seeks to communicate the performance of the glassblower in production. Much like the act of play, experimentation is critical to the process of glassblowing. As glass is customarily considered a serious material, this series of objects expresses the notion of glass in symbiosis with play - not the opposite. The concept is questioning the norms of this arrangement, where the recognizable shapes visually remind the audience of toys.

The question remains, would you like to play?

Thanks to Linnaeus Innovation Design Lab and Skrufs Glasbruk AB

Märta Louise Karlsson

+46 70 509 58 35

Photographer: Johan Werner Avby

High resolution image 1
High resolution image 2
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Sidansvarig: Carina Krantz|Sidan uppdaterades: 2018-04-10

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