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Materials! Sex! Heritage!


From latex condoms to the nylon bra, the leatherman to the silicone implant, the historical development of materials and their deployment plays an important role in shaping experiences of sex and sexuality. This symposium will bring together scholars and artists who explore how the innovation and mediation of different types of material shapes the experience of the body and sexual experience spanning the everyday and the subcultural. In particular, we are interested in examining how the historical development of technologies and material practices shape current relationships to the body and sexualized practices.

Free and open to all. If you are unable to attend the panel discussion, you are still welcome to attend the performance. See below for times. If you would like coffee and cake during the break, please email tom.cubbin@hdk.gu.se by Monday 9th September with "symposium" in the subject line.

13:00 Introduction and Welcome, Tom Cubbin - 10 Minutes

13:10-13:45 Session 1 - Consumer (gay) Masculinities

Tomasso Milani (University of Gothenburg) Is the rectum a goldmine? Queer theory, consumer masculinities, and capital pleasures.

13:45-14:15 Philip Warkander (University of Lund) - Show and tell: outlining the narrative of queer masculinities in contemporary fashion.

14:15-14:35 Discussion

COFFEE BREAK - 20 minutes

14:55-15:30 Session 2 - Materials and making the sexualized subject in the 20th century. Isabelle Held (Royal College of Art) - Postwar Plastics and the shaping of women's bodies.

15:30-16:05 Tom Cubbin (University of Gothenburg) - Dungeon makers: DIY culture and the home sex dungeon

16:05-16:25 Discussion

BREAK - 5 Minutes

16:35-17:10 Session 3 - Performance - Gestalta (Berlin)

From Gestalta's Website:

I was first introduced to shibari in 2007 and have been immersed in it ever since. My interest was initially sparked by the aesthetic of shibari; the seemingly organic structure of rope melding with flesh in the works of Nobyoshi Araki, and other artists whose works I had collected in scraps from the few Japanese publications available. As I began to practice it I also found an interest in exploring the potential of ropes to open up new ways to connect with the body, with other people, and the effects of pushing myself into seemingly "extreme" psychological and physical states. I began using shibari in performance in around 2009 and gradually developed an interest in impermanent structures, and the fragile balances found between us, our environment, and within intimate connections. Although I see shibari very much as an art form, it is also important to me that its roots in pornography are not glossed over; I see it also as a powerful way of reconciling any perceived conflict between art and sex and exploring the relationship between the two.

BREAK - 15 minutes

17:25-17:40 Gestalta discusses their performance


Datum: 2019-09-16

Tid: 13:00 - 18:00

Kategorier: Kulturstudier

Arrangör: Tom Cubbin

Plats: Akademin Valand, Vasagatan 50

Kontaktperson: Tom Cubbin


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