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Yi-Hwa Chen: Shadow

A second ago shadow swallowed light

Shadow was used as an indication of time in ancient history, but after the invention of watches and later on electronic devices, it gradually lost attention. We don't appreciate is as much as before. Shadow can be seen anywhere as long as light exist. It's constantly changing.It reaches everyone.

"Shadow" is an interactive doodling publication, using shadow as a medium to improve ways of seeing and observing; it contains minimalistic illustrations of objects, architecture and scenes without shades. The user has to draw the shades again and again depending on time and place.

Phone: +46 702605672

Photo: Anna Junebro

Photo: Anna Junebro

Photo: Anna Junebro

Image 1 in high resolution

Image 2 in high resolution

Image 3 in high resolution

Sidansvarig: Carina Krantz|Sidan uppdaterades: 2019-02-08

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