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Ruth Elvira Gilmour: Sensing absence

A second ago we sensed ourselves out of touch

Short-sighted ecological tendencies caused the Anthropocene: we pushed the earth towards a new situation without sensing that it touches us too. Textured porcelain containers, displayed alongside microscopic views collaged and digitally printed on textile, invite the viewer to explore the distances of granular elements gathered in an exploration of void, matter and time.

With special thanks to Chalmers University of Technology and Dewar Arts Awards.

Phone: +44 7880736850

Photo: Ruth Elvira Gilmour

Photo: Ruth Elvira Gilmour

Photo: Anna Junebro

Photo: Tian Khee Siong

Image 1 in high resolution

Image 2 in high resolution

Image 3 in high resolution

Image 4 in high resolution

Sidansvarig: Carina Krantz|Sidan uppdaterades: 2019-02-08

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