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Hanna Crondahl: Himlakropp

A second ago we were lost in space

Everything is constantly moving. Nothing can be captured for eternity, and the world we are familiar with today will not exist forever. Himlakropp is a pendant lamp, with rotating mirrors circulating around a glass globe, an expression making reference to a solar system of a fictive future. The mirrors create glimpses of our surroundings, showing hidden angles and corners of space, visible and only captured during a second. Then the perception of the world changes again.

Phone: +46 708957980

Photo: Anna Junebro

Photo: Anna Junebro

Image 1 in high resolution

Image 2 in high resolution

Image 3 in high resolution

Image 4 in high resolution

Sidansvarig: Carina Krantz|Sidan uppdaterades: 2019-02-08

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