Maria Seipel


Maria Seipel

Design avancerad nivå / Design MA level

Approaching ( the ) Book as Matter

Approaching ( the ) Book as Matter is an independent graphic design project, which design issue examines the potential of the book format to produce meaning.

The project does not aim to find a solution to a specific problem—it rather seeks, in an experimental fashion, to manifest reading as object. This is expressed within the format of the material copy and further as idea. What is even the format of the book ?

In extension the aim is to widen the perspective of the idea about its meaning and potential as format; this is also to add on to the exciting, critical discussion on the consequence of how copies of books may look in our very contemporary Digital Age.

The versions you see does not work as containers for information by any traditional means, rather reflecting on the idea of book published as an exhibition instead of that one of a published book. The exhibited content is supposed to be read as comparative content, directed to the common, describing a flux of what we knew was book.

”Approaching ( the ) Book as Matter ” ( sv )
Min ämnesfördjupning och materiella manifestation handlar om boken som format. Syftet med arbetet är att mediera samt belysa idén om ett format i flux. /mariaseipel
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