Lydia Dahlgren<br/>Karin Lycke


Lydia Dahlgren
Karin Lycke

Business & Design MA level

Business Design for healthcare

Obesity is a growing problem around the world and in Sweden around 4 % of the child population are affected by obesity today. The medical needs for these patients require support for behavioural change and patient empowerment, for the child as well as the whole family.
Our study is a collaboration between the two existing public healthcare obesity centers in Sweden (Sahlgrenska Academy and Karolinska Institute), us and the Service Design agency Transformator Design, where we have conducted a Service Design project to improve the support for families with overweight and obese children.
The aim has been to map out the the support as it is experienced by the user today, by following a Service Design process, use its tools and adopt its approach. In addition, we hope to contribute with our insights and learnings to the further development of a user centred healthcare.
User:​Parents with overweight and obese children
Client:​The obesity centers in Gothenburg and Stockholm

Us:​Lydia Dahlgren, former bachelor of science within Business Administration and Karin Lycke, former graphic designer and art director.

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