Anna Brumark


Anna Brumark

Design grundnivå / Design BA level

17 explosioner

Ett projekt om den historiska kopplingen mellan texten och textilen, ord som båda har sitt ursprung i latinets texere – att väva. Arbetet är ett samarbete med poeten Iman Mohammed.


The written language used to record our society’s history has been created for men, by men.
Understanding the historical importance of women’s textile production is part of recognizing the role of women as authors of history. Textile and text both derive from the Latin word texere – to weave.

In my thesis I have explored the fabric language within a text together with the poet Iman Mohammed. We have also discussed the role of poetry in today’s society, text as imagery and the joint creation process. Using textile as material and the digital jacquard as technique, I have examined how text can be linked back to its tactile heritage.

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