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David Chocron

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Allegori is a contemporary publication about memories to food. Inspired by art, and muséum catalogs. I think cooking on a professional level has many similarities to the design process. For me this project was a good way to try this theory out.
Before I started at HDK I´ve had a long experience as a chef. In this project I wanted to explore memories to the food. But instead of using my own memories I wanted to use others, because one of the inspiration I had for this project was an earlier publication I made, where I used my own memories.
So I collected nine stories from a variaty of different writers, poets, musicians and copywriters. Then I interpret them in to dishes and cooked them. After that also photographed them and put together the stories with the food and the interpretations. And the result became a publication where I put a lot of effort in the typography and photo to create a new way to publish food.

David Chocron
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