Suthipa Kamyam


Suthipa Kamyam

Design Master level

Once, Somewhere Between

Everyday, stories happen. Everyday, stories die. How many stories and memories have been forgotten in time? Even though it is only a word, it may be very important to someone. Since it is a small part of life which forms a person and it is a secret which makes everyone special. During the last two years, I have heard many stories. And I feel a connection between these memorable stories and myself in some way. For this project, I would like to pass on those stories, by expressing them through my own perspective. Although it may be only a soft whisper, I do hope that it will bring something to people’s mind. Besides, I would like to explore myself in different areas of visual communication design, which is illustration and pattern design. My work includes 4 posters and 1 pattern. Each tells one single story.

Suthipa Kamyam
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