Noriko Tanaka


Noriko Tanaka

Design Master level

Flexible cushions for wheelchair users

For many wheelchair users, pressure sore is an unavoidable chronic physical disorder.
As well as healing the wound, preventing the disease is a vital issue, and the wheelchair cushion is one of the most important aids for taking care of the sore.

Due to hygiene issues and prevention of the sore, it is important to change the place to sit down well as to change and wash the cushion frequently.
The wheelchair users must continue to sit down on the cushion for a long time even if it has many problems since ordinary sofas and chairs do not give enough support.

I defined that wheelchair, sofa and car/air plane seat are the most important seats for wheelchair users to enjoy more active life and made a new type of wheelchair cushion and cushions for these two places to alleviates the problems.

External partner : TOYOBO CO.,LTD

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