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Ji Young Seo

Design Master level


<p> – between user and a product, open up possibilities in an object </p>


When a designer controls a hundred percent in a product it becomes either useful or useless design to the user. The limitation which a creator gives to the design makes it suppressed in a certain area. When a designer gives control space to the user, it can be redefined by the person and become an individual meaningful object for the user. For example, here are two stools. One is a typical stool. On the other one, a designer creates a hole that can be redefined by people. This small hole can bring many possibilities onto this stool.
This hole can open up possibilities because the design is related with people’s certain behaviour. That leads each user to control it with their experience. Thus, the designer needs connected thinking with users. Connected thinking allows a designer to recognize what people want from an object. Soulful design comes from a design based on connected thinking with user. The point of departure of this project is a question ; how do we make an object that allow for those possibilities and makes it become meaningful to everyone? I think one way is using people’s personal experience as a basis for the design so that they can recognize the usage intuitionally based on their own experience.

How to use

From Jiyoung Seo, a storage with small silicon cubes which has an unexpected tactile sensation when touched. Made mostly of silicon, the object consist of silicon blocks that holds things such as books, papers, clothes, whatever you want. People can also lean on it while reading book or pin a message on it. It can be use in different ways depend on the person.

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