Pornphun Sutthiprapha


Pornphun Sutthiprapha

Crafts Master level Ceramic Art
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Let’s sway and see it goes

Two monks looked at the swaying flag.
One monk asked to another,
“What is swaying, the flag or the wind?”
After they had argued for a while. Teacher came and said,
“Neither the flag nor the wind that sway but your minds do.”
An anonymous Zen monk.

This project is working based on Buddhist philosophy by engage the meditation method together with clay working. I have implied my work as an evidence of state of mind and self-talking. In each work has different tendency of emotion reflection as well as mind changing in different period of time. Every fingerprint I made on clay can metaphor to the way of following the breath. It helps me engage myself with the present moment as well as calm me down. This allows me the possibility to answer questions and understand about life, both others and myself.

Pornphun Sutthiprapha
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Pornphun Sutthiprapha_Photo1_Mats Ringqvist_p.jpgLadda ner
Pornphun Sutthiprapha_Photo2_Mats Ringqvist_p.jpgLadda ner