Pernilla Eskilsson


Pernilla Eskilsson

Crafts Master level Textile Art

The Pinkyberries

- 33 pink puppets/ en rosa dockflock.
Some of them have high moral standards.
Some care mostly about their clothes.

Some of them are slow in their reactions.
Some are secretly radical in their political views.

Some agree on things they don´t really want.
Some just don´t know when enough is enough.

To some of them no one ever listens.
(once someone suggested it was because of the pink colour)

Some of them are singing all the time.
Some of them think their nose is too big.

Some of them are genuinely kind.
And some can´t seem to get the pieces of reality together.

Now let me introduce to you- just back from their Monday picnic:



Pernilla Eskilsson
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