Je In Yang


Je In Yang

Crafts Master level Textile Art

One thousand pieces

I have always been trying to make a big scale of art piece which is built up by details of small things that are being pixels with different theme and materials. This project is also part of the series and final chapter of a large scale work.
The idea started from some words that three dimensional, pixel, room, space, memory box and wish tree. I did want to make a three dimensional textile as a big scale work which is became from small pieces are built up so it can have small detail as well.
A pocket shape of 9cm square which is made by 2 contrasted colors will be connected in both series; parallel ways by sewing and it becomes a big fabric which is 20pieces in width,50 pieces in length, total 1000pieces; 180cm by 450cm.
I wanted to make a fabric as a three dimensional in a way to upset an existing stereotype of fabric that fabric is considered as flat, two dimensional.
I want people to see diversity of the fabric with their viewpoints through this project and make them being part of completion of my work.

Jane Yang (Je in Yang)
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