Tian Tang


Tian Tang

Child Culture Design Master level
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Child´s Table - In dialogue with everyday objects

This project aims to discover play archetypes in everyday objects, redesign them in order to embrace children´s vivid activities and enhance the play value of ordinary things. By a simple declaration: play dissolve in daily life, I try to provide a creative environment for children.

Keywords:  Everyday objects, play value, children, environment

About the product:
Child´s Table is designed for daily use in both private and public places. By simplifying a table to its essential shape and making the tabletop thinner(22mm) , it expresses both archetypes of table and roof. Combining light under, I aim to shape space experience at the same time enrich lightscape in children´s environment. Red pulling string serves both a switch and a play signal. Innovative construction method makes the table pure and stable. Child´s Table is in flat package.

Material: Solid Ash( tablelegs), Ash Veneer( tabletop), LED
Size: 730x730x580mm(H)
Target group: 3-5 years old children



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