Aida Abolahrar


Aida Abolahrar

Child Culture Design Master level

Freedom Play Sticks for Play Spaces

This project’s aim is to make a modular space creating element for Landscape Designers to use in creating outdoor Spaces.
The idea of the product is to make a flexible component that can be used to generate a wide variety of spaces depending on different sites and locations, as well as having the freedom to use it in their own way for different projects. 

The challenge of the project was to create an element which is supposed to be used by other designers in their own design projects. It is important in this process to remember that they have their own ideas and want the freedom to choose their own way of using the element. There for it should be as flexible as possible to suit different desires and uses.  I wanted to design a product that was simple in appearance and flexible in its use. In this way it can be used in many environments without over powering the natural beauty. And because, it has an open identity (without too much detail) it can be used in many solutions.

The result of this project is FREEDOM PLAY STICKS, a product used to create space. Freedom Play Sticks consists of two parts: a small square shaped block which is connected to the foundation under the ground, and the second part which is a thin long stick and is the main visual element. The stick is joined to the block with a main axle and can thus be installed at many angels from almost horizontal to vertical. Locking bolts then keep it in position.

Once the Freedom Play Sticks are installed in place, they can stand alone as a sculptural space creator or many other materials or play activities can be attached to them to provide something for all age groups.

Concrete is the major material that has been considered because of these benefits:
-    concrete is an available material in most places, so the modules can be built on the site and  a big
      reduction in shipment will be achieved. ( light weight forms could be sent)
-    it is a very flexible material, easy to create texture, forms and shapes.
-    colored concrete is a good possibility to avoid gray concrete in some cases.
-    strong when reinforced ( can be hollow and get lighter in weight)
-    easy to mould in connection points ( threaded anchors)
But there are other material possibilities which can be considered as well, for example, wood or rotation moulded plastic can be used for the stick part.

The Freedom Play is to be made in 3 sizes based on the length of the stick: small is 1.2 meters high, medium is 1.8 meters high and the large one is 2.4 meters high. More details about sizes are available through the CAD drawings.

There are many general functions for this play stick such as:
-simple walls and barriers 
-light posts
-sign posts
-frame for plants
-shading structure There are specific play functions as well, for example:
-sand box
-hide and seek
-structure for KOMPAN play equipments, like ICON
-hanging and swinging
-stage and gathering room for teenagers KOMPAN’s digital play system, ICON, which is very much based on space, will be shown as an example. 


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