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A Table

A work environment can be identified as the place that one works. i.e. -in an office building in a cube, at home at the kitchen table, from a car or truck, at a construction site. All are work environments. We tend, however, to hear about “healthy work environments.” This can point to other factors in the work environment, such as co-workers, air quality, ergonomic seating, management (the boss!), child care, parking, noise, and even the size of one’s cube. A work environment doesn’t require a job. It requires that work has to be done in some place. Say you need to do homework. Where do you do it? At school in study hall? At your kitchen table? On the floor at a friend’s house? These can also be considered work environments. An office desk is a big part of our work environment today, we spend most of our time working, sitting behind our desks, there fore I believe it´s of importance that we adress questions in designing this furniture. People working together with a common denominator will accomplish tasks with greater ease and have higher expectations of themselves and their work. A positive work environment is critical no matter how many employees you have. It is management that fosters the work atmosphere so they are responsible for conducting things in a way that helps raise people’s spirits.
The project’s objective was to create an office desk. A Table. A flexible and accessible working area with good storage. In addition to create a piece of furniture that can positively affect the working environment. Serve a purpose and be involved in creating, creative work environment. Therefore, I think it is important how we design our desks. I would like to adress several questions to that theme and try to answer the questions through my own design. I want to my table to offer good design that speaks pure and simple language, but it is also important that you feel comfortable and close to rearrange it and reach all it´s contents.

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