Fahrettin Ersin Alaca


Fahrettin Ersin Alaca

Design Master Level

Eliminating 100.000 Dots

<p> A Social Awareness Campaign for Disaster Risk Mitigation </p>

Istanbul, the most populous metropolis of Turkey and a hotbed for rapid and uncontrolled urbanization, and faulty land-use planning is under danger of an earthquake threatening approximately 13 million people’s lives. Old architectural structure, inadequate city planning, low soil qualification and the lack of the social awareness about disasters make those people vulnerable to the aftermath of the impending earthquake. In spite of many ongoing broad-visional and multi-disciplinary projects, there is still an urgent need for fresh and sophisticated strategy concepts encouraging inhabitants from different levels of society to participate and adopt pro-active methodology of disaster mitigation.
This project uses shopping malls and department stores as a means of society-wide network and alternative mass-media in a context matching the contemporary set of repertoires and understandings of Istanbul inhabitants. 

Fahrettin Ersin Alaca 
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