Kajsa Samuelsson


Konsthantverk och design vid Steneby

Textil-Kläder-Formgivning grundnivå

Kajsa Samuelsson

kajsa.samuelsson [at] steneby.se

Space and body

Working site-specific towards the lobby of the block Traktören in Gothenburg, my idea was to work with the concept of city planning and building in the shape of seating furniture. Traktören is housing Gothenburg's planning office and city mangagement office. My work, consisting of "multi-matching" pattern pieces, revolved around the idea of a democratic city, and building the different districts together in a new, playful way, creating possibilities and participation. Some parts of my sketches and models were made in real size to envision the idea. Woodwork by Emil Ölander.
Fotograf: Kajsa Samuelsson

Stage costume

I read the script Dissekering av ett snöfall by Sara Stridsberg, and did sketches for set design and stage costume. After researching the different characters this became my interpretation of Filosofen; a well-read, peaceful professional and a shimmering dreamer. Fall 2015.

Identity course

"Case: XM3Q26T" and "Untold". A small analysis about objects and telling stories. Fall 2015.


Notes and reflections on the notion of body. Developed into a study of my own body and the relation I have to it. About acceptance and seeing. Fall 2015

Psychological space

Our long meeting was secretly recorded. When we got to know about it, we decided to use the audio material to make a visual manifestation of the dynamics of a conversation and the invisible space we all occupy. Who is heard? Does silence mean invisibility? Collaboration with Alma Bencivenni, Matz Engdahl, Annie Jonasson, Jonas Lilja at HDK Steneby. Spring 2015.
Fotograf: Kajsa Samuelsson

Mirroring patterns

During the printing course I worked with folds, dyeing and printing in different ways to look into mirroring effects. Print on bourette silk using folded paper. Screen print on crêpe silk. Space dye on wool. Spring 2015.

Dinner with friends

Our task was to make a room and/or an object suitable for a dinner with friends or family. This triggered duscussions about what a dinner with friends or family really is. Every personal situation is different - we all have different relationships, preferences and needs. We wanted to work with the different atmospheres and moods surrounding a dinner table, and the dinner as a classic showcase for relationship dynamics. The result was a small live installation using light, plastic and paper. Collaboration with Alma Bencivenni at HDK Steneby. Spring 2015.
Fotograf: Kajsa Samuelsson


A play with shape, pattern and colour. Fall 2014.
Fotograf: Kajsa Samuelsson

Material and texture

Basic experiments in paper with composition, distance, texture and direction. Fall 2014.