Jonas Lilja


Jonas Lilja

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Fotograf: Jonas Lilja

Casting Course

The outcome of this course was a series of material related objects. Related to the concealed aspects of wood.
Fotograf: Remy Sorondo

Alternative Growth

Esperantoplatsen and its surrounding architectural elements have guided me in my understanding for this specific space. The history of the site speaks about the development of the society. My piece is a moment captured in the stories from our time. Movement and future reflected in form and composition. Rolled flat bars create the framework to the standing steel sheet constructions and the vertical weed beds. Folded sheets filled with gravel create the foundation of the sculpture and offers you a place to sit.

EKA-tomten Bengtsfors

Workshop lead by guest professor Micheal McFalls. A collaboration with Filip Wahlström and Ida Karlsson. EKA environmental sanctuary is a heavy polluted old industrial area in Bengtfors. Now restored and turn in to a sanctuary. Our piece speaks about this theme using a burnt oak log strapt by steel rods.

Psychological Space

A group meeting was secretly recorded and then analyzed together. A series of questions arose. How did we behave during the meeting? Which rolls did we take and why? How are decisions made? A collaboration with Matz Engdahl, Kajsa Samuelsson, Alma Bencivenni and Annie Jonasson.