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I am a graphic designer, graduated from HDK in 1986. I have been running my own consultancy up until now, doing magazine design and graphic identity jobs most of the time. Since 2001 I have been involved in this school as senior lecturer in design and as head of the undergraduate programme in design. In 2007 I advanced to the position as head of the school.

To me, design is not primarily a discipline, it is a special attitude towards reality and problem solving. In the best of design works there is a high level of artistic approach, not only aesthetically but also in the unexpected, independent and innovative thinking and acting. The objective of the highest level of design education should be the excellent designer, a designer who can make a significant and positive difference in the world. Academic knowledge is just a by-product, or a means to this goal of excellence in pratice.

My own production has been fairly traditional. During the latest five years I have done, beside working at HDK, a couple of graphic identity projects. The biggest one being the redesign of the identity programme for the University of Gothenburg, working in close collaboration with the Council for Identity and Image at the university. I did the graphic identity for the 13th triennial of the Society of Swedish Printmakers in 2007, and I have recently done a small scale graphic identity programme for the shop and gallery of Nääs Crafts. All represented in images below.

Eva Engstrand

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Universitetslektor i design, design master


Eva Engstrand


redesign of logo, 2007


signage, part of manual for the new graphic identity programme, 2007


logo for Nääs Crafts, 2008


graphic identity for the 13th triennial of printmaking, 2007