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Annelies Vaneycken’s self-initiated design practice is socially engaged and takes a critical stance on societal issues and on the designer’s role in this context. 

Annelies Vaneycken holds a Master in Fine Arts in the field of Graphic Design (1998 LUCA School of Arts in Belgium) and a Master in Design (2001 Sandberg Institute in The Netherlands). In 1999 she founded Trans-ID Brussels and has been working as graphic designer on projects for clients mainly situated in culture, education and art. Besides these client related projects, her self-initiates design projects explores the boundaries of her profession and its social relevance. From 1999 till 2014, she’s been a lecturer at LUCA School of Arts, campus Sint-Lukas Brussels, in Belgium. 


“Kids in Space: what children can teach us about the design of public spaces” is her current doctoral work at HDK in which she addresses and problematises values of ‘play’ as approach for including children and young adults in participatory design processes working in/on public space. Play’s ambiguity, uncontrolled and performativity are explored as means for change - to break conventional rules and open new perspectives - in the discourse on public space issues. Annelies Vaneycken established the “Office for Public Play” as research platform to address the research questions from design practice.


Her research project aims to collaborate with and contribute to the master program “Child Culture Design” at HDK. This design programme has a specific focus on children and children’s culture, probing issues of participation and the influence of children and young adults on society.


The research project is part of a European Marie Curie program called TRADERS. TRADERS - short for ‘Training Art and Design Researchers in Participation for Public Space’ - is a project that focuses on developing and testing a methodological framework on which other art and design researchers can rely when working on public space projects in participatory ways. In this project, a team of six early stage researchers - working in the field of art, design, architecture, urbanism and sociology - contribute to the main question with his/her own research approach:

  • Intervention (at LUCA School of Arts in Genk, Belgium
  • Play (at HDK)
  • Multiple Performative Mapping (at Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands)
  • Data-mining (at The Royal College of Art/School of Architecture, United Kingdom)
  • Modelling in dialogue (at Chalmers University of Technology/Department of Architecture, Sweden)
  • and a meta-framework for approaching participation in public space (KU Leuven/Planning and Development and the Architecture and Culture Theory research units, Belgium)


Annelies Vaneycken

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Annelies Vaneycken