Wood workshop

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Wood workshop


The furniture department and associated facilities are located in bright rooms at the top in the so-called "workshop building”, overlooking the lake of Dals Långed.

Bench and machine shop are on the same level directly adjacent to sketching areas, seminar room and computer room, which enables a flexible and fast working approach. The department also keep a finishing room and spray paint box and a storage of wood. Each student has their own sketch table and a workbench at disposal, as well as space for storage of materials.


The machine shop is well equipped and can be used by students as soon as they completed a mandatory machine course and successfully passed in all phases.

Machines in the workshop are: Spindle moulders, planer/surfacer, thicknesser, crosscut saw, rip saw, band saw, panel saw, morticer, tenoner, horizontal slot morticer, overhead router, manual overhead router, drill presses, router tables, lathes and various hand held machines. Also various sanding machines such as a wide belt sander, vertical sander and a long belt sander are included.

Students also have access to a CNC milling machine and a laser cutter / laser engraver.


We use solid wood from local sawmills from which we select birch, oak, alder and other woods we dry in our own drying kiln. This not only contributes to a low price of wood for the student, but it also creates a sustainable approach to the material wood and our surroundings.


Workshop manager is Björn Ekblom.

Foto: Patrick Johäll