Textile workshop

Workshops at Steneby

Textile workshop

At HDK Steneby there are several textile workshops located in different buildings, with rooms for different techiniques and materials. The workshops offer students the possibility to work and make experiments in variety of textile materials.

Atelier, sewing, needlework and pleating

All the first and second year students have their own, individual workspace here. There are large tables for cutting fabrics and several test dummys.
There are sewing machines for different purposes, totally 19 machines.
Pleating can be done in a pleating machine.
Fabrics are around the corner in a separate room where you can buy fabrics that you may need in your studies.

Textile printing workshop

Textile printing workshops are recently renovated and updated. Here you can participate in the whole process of printing - from the beginning to the end (making your pattern, the frames, fixing the prints etc.).
The printing room has three printing tables (6 and 3 meters long) - totally 30 meter of surface to print on. All the modern equipment for cleaning your frames is located in the same room.
Next to the big printing room we have a room for experiments in felting, processing the textile materials, patinaed them etc. In this room you have four extra printing tables for you needs.

The dye workshop

The textile materials can be dyed in our dye workshop and we have two different rooms for this - for machine and hand dyeing.
There is also a greenhouse if you need to grow your plants for dyeing with natural methods.

Knitting machines and knitting shop. Weaving and the looms

In the building called “Villan”, we now have newly renovated workshops for knitting and weaving. The knitting workshop has 25 different machines for knitting. The weaving workshop has new looms with computer system.

“Villan” has two separate storage areas for the yarns: one for the knitting and the other one for the weaving part. Here you can buy material you need for the courses and for the projects at the school.

Project room

Next to the locations for weaving we have two project rooms that can be booked for your own individual projects.