Metal/model/3D workshop

Workshops in Gothenburg

Metal/model/3D workshop

Photo: Michel Droetto

You will find HDK’s metal and model workshop on the basement floor of the building. This is where you as a student can work on different projects or when a complete prototype needs to be formed using metal or other modelmaking materials.

This is where you will meet our technicians Joachim Harrysson and Ossian Gustavsson, who are responsible for these workshops and for seeing to it that there is a basic supply of suitable materials and machines in good working order. He’s also responsible for giving you guidance when necessary with regard to the use of machines and construction, and also the choice of materials and techniques in the different fields.

Joachim and Ossian are responsible for the training of those students who wish to work in the metal and model workshops. In certain education programmes there are courses for these workshops. You must have educational qualifications or the equivalent practical skills in order to use the facilities in these workshops. The technician is the person who approves those who have the right to use the machines in the workshops.

There is a supply store attached to the workshops. In it there is a large range of tubes, rods and rails, profiles and sheet metal in both steel and aluminium. All the materials you use can be purchased at cost price.

The model workshop

In the model workshop there are machines and equipment to 
process model materials, such as milling machines, lathes, drills and various grinders. There are also 3D printers, 3D scanners and 3D milling and as well as a laser cutter.

Joachim is a trained machinists and 3D modeler. His main interest is in the process from idea to physical model.

The metal workshop

In the metal workshop there are machines and other equipment for cutting, treating and putting together metal, for example lathes, milling machines, vertical drilling machines, tube bending machines, grinding and finishing machines and machines for treating sheet metal. In the welding room are machines for MIG, TIG and spot-welding, plus different soldering methods.