Study at HDK

HDK can offer a unique study-abroad experience.

As an international student there are two different ways to apply. You can apply as a free mover to our programmes or you can apply for exchange studies.

Free movers

International students who choose to study at HDK outside an exchange programme are called free movers. Here you find information on how to apply and which programmes you can apply to.
International students who speak and understand Swedish find information on programmes and how to apply on the Swedish website.

As an free mover you have to look after all the practical aspects of your stay in Sweden yourself. In principle you apply on the same conditions as Swedish students. However, help and advice are available. Read about how you can prepare yourself for your studies at HDK - University of Gothenburg on Student life.

Exchange studies

Exchange studies are open only for students whose home university or department has an exchange agreement with HDK or with University of Gothenburg.
Please read more about how to apply for exchange studies.

Read more about some of our alumni. Below you can read some comments from former international students:

Has HDK been able to offer you something unique?

I think especially the well equipped workshops are very unique. In my opinion there are not many schools all over the world which offer such good facilities for realizing your ideas. But also the well organized and structured projects are unique. We got the chance to present our ideas to real design offices. So there is a closer connection between university and the real market than in my home school!

What do you think will be your best memories from your exchange semester?

The best memories? I think one thing I really liked was that the whole staff of the HDK was very motivated. I mean, I felt always very welcome and I never had the feeling that someone is burned out. The tutorials and were well prepared and a great support! It is a good thing that the teaching staff has also its own business / job at the real market! Another good memory is that you have shorter projects than at my home school. So I never got the feeling that I am bored by any topic / theme.

Any other reflections…

One thing I have to commend is your great cafeteria! It was always a pleasure to hang around in this fantastic atmosphere. The food is very delicious!

I was very impressed by the all the workshop, library and service facilities. They were exemplary. I think that studying at HDK has mostly taught me new working techniques, to be more organized. I got the chance to take a course in the jewellery department which was unique for me and I learned lot from.

What do you think will be your best memories from your exchange semester?

It was very interesting to meet new people in the design field and see other kind of thinking. I loved the city and the hospitality. I will definitely recommend HDK to other students.