Since spring 2015 HDK has two affiliated docents.


Lena Hopsch

Lena Hopsch (PhD, Associate Professor) is Senior Lecturer and researcher at Chalmers University of Technology, Department of Architecture. Her research examines how design and design processes materialize by human experience in the fields of architecture, art and philosophy. Hopsch participates in research networks nationally as well as internationally. Her research aims for good design of the physical environment. She has published the results at international conferences, in books and scientific journals.
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Otto von Busch

Otto von Busch took his PhD at HDK in 2008, with a dissertation titled Fashion-able: Hacktivism and Engaged Fashion Design. Otto has studied carpentry and guitar building, textiles and fashion, fine arts and history, material and virtual design and design theory, and also had an artistic career before beginning his PhD.
In his research, Otto explores the emergence of a new "hacktivist” designer, that is, how do-it-yourself (DIY), sloyd and maker culture merges with molecular forms of social entrepreneurship and activism into something he calls “strategic making". He has authored a number of books on hacktivism and fashion, design and activism, has spoken on this subject at the Royal Society of the Arts in London, and held several keynotes at international design conferences. He is currently Assistant Professor in Integrated Design at Parsons, New York.
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