Doctoral education


TRADERS brings together a broad spectrum of research fields – from visual arts to design, architecture and music. The project began in September 2013 and is intended to run for four years.

It is not news to say that art and design researchers can present exciting ways to involve a city’s residents in its public space. However, the methods for achieving these kinds of solutions are less well researched. The focus of the research project Training Art and Design Researchers in Participation for Public Space (TRADERS) is finding what methods work best when researchers want to test their ideas about our common spaces with a number of participants at the same time.

HDK participates in TRADERS through the sub-project Play, which is run in parallel with five other projects in Belgium, Netherlands, the UK and at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Play focuses on design as a way to create meaning rather than a way to solve problems and, in particular, on how public space can be redesigned and equipped to suit the challenges and opportunities specific to children and youths. Annelies Vaneycken, a doctoral student associated with the Play project, works at HDK since July 2014.
The five other projects are:

  1. Intervention (Faculty of the Arts, LUCA/Katholieke Hogeschool Limburg, Belgium)
  2. Multiple Performative Mapping (Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands)
  3. Data-mining (The Royal College of Art/School of Architecture, United Kingdom)
  4. Modelling in dialogue (Chalmers University of Technology/Department of Architecture, Sweden)
  5. A meta-framework for approaching participation in public space (KU Leuven/Planning and Development and the Architecture and Culture Theory

Find more info about TRADERS here.