Manufacturing objects and processing materials with the help of tools is a way for human beings to think and express themselves. Sloyding is a form of creativity which implies finding concrete solutions within a crafts tradition and design based on needs in various situations.

Sloyd implies manual and intellectual work linked together which develop creativity and reinforce confidence in one’s ability to cope with tasks in one’s daily life. These abilities are significant for the development of both the individual and the community. 
quoat from Läroplan för grundskolan Lgr 11

As a sloyd teacher you will be working actively and creatively alongside your pupils with the aim of providing them with conditions for developing various kinds of ability such as being able to design and produce objects, to select and motivate different courses of action, to analyse and evaluate work processes and results and to interpret the aesthetic and cultural expressivity of the sloyd object.

If you have any questions about the program in sloyd, pleace contact the head of the program titti.campopiano [at]