Here, we have put together frequently asked questions and answers concerning international applicants. Have you read this page, but still haven't found the information you were looking for? Please send your question to hdkadmission [at] hdk.gu.se

Do I meet the entry requirements?

You can see the entry requirement on each programme page. After you have applied your qualifications will be assessed.
It is very important that you submit correct documentation. You can be regarded as unqualified just based on incomplete documentation. Follow the guidelines at universityadmissions.se.
If you are not formally qualified the juries have the possibility of making exemptions from the formal requirements, if they have ranked the portfolio high and consider the applicant’s background to be equal that of the required Bachelor’s degree. This is done on the initiative of the jury and you cannot have to ask for this assessment to be made.

I am not a Swedish citizen; may I still apply for your programmes?

Yes, we welcome international applicants, both as free movers and as exchange students.

Do I have to know Swedish to study at HDK?

To apply for MA level you dont have to know Swedish language, on the other hand you must show a proof of your English language through like for instance TOEFL or IELTS-tests.
On BA level teaching is in Swedish and you must pass the TISUS test before you can apply.
TISUS = Test in Swedish for university studies. If your mother toungue is Norwegian, Danish or Icelandic you dont have to pass the TISUS-test.
Exchange students dont have to pass the tests mentioned above.

I will not get my result from the English test before the deadline, may I apply anyhow ?

Deadlines for supplementary documents can you find here. Documents arriving after the deadline, are not being considered in the first evaluation of eligibility, and you will not be formally eligible. However, we are interested in applicants with high artistic skills and if your portfolio is very interesting and you meet all the other requirements, we might take your application into consideration anyway.  You will be competing with all the others, and of course eligible applicants with great portfolios, will go first. Find out more about the English test

I am studying my last year and will not be able to send my BA degree diploma before the deadline, may I apply ? 

Yes you may apply but you must submit a transcript of record and an official document stating that you are likely to be awarded the degree at the latest September 1. Follow the instructions on this link

How much is the tuition fee ?

The academic year 2017/18 the fee to our MA programs is 202 700 SEK /academic year and 210 500 SEK for out BA programs. All students have to pay for the material that you are using. How much the material cost can vary from term to term and depens on wich program you study on. In Design program the cost is about 200 euro per semester. In crafts program is the cost a bit higher.

Am I required to pay ?

If you have citizenship in a European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) country*, or Switzerland, you are not required to pay application or tuition fees. You are, however, required to provide proof of your citizenship in order for your admissions application to be processed. Please read more HERE

Where can I find information about grants and scholarships?

Information about grants and scholarships can be found on the website for Gothenburg Universtiy

When is the application period for the Master's programmes?

You find our deadline dates and instructions for how to apply on the "Apply for the programme" page under each programme on hdk.gu.se.

I have applied, and want to know when I will get the result?

Under “Key Dates” on the specific programme page you can see which day the Notification of results will be published.

Can you describe the selection procedure?

Selection among qualified applicants is based on the material handed in. A lot of emphasis is put on your portfolio, your ability to work independently, your language skills and the aims of your studies. Interviews are conducted if considered necessary.

How many applicants do you have, and how many new students are accepted every year?

Our programmes have a limited number of places. The number of applicants is far more than we can accept.
Every year about 35-40 new students are accepted for our MA programmes in design at HDK in Gothenburg and 15-20 new students are accepted for the MA programme in Crafts at HDK in Gothenburg.

When does the academic year start and end 2018/2019?

The academic year at HDK starts 3 of September. The academic year is divided in two terms, the autumn term: September 3 - January 20 and the spring term January 21 - June 9.

Is it possible to do exchange studies even if my home university don't have an exchange agreement with HDK?

I am sorry we can only accept exchange students from our partner schools. Please contact Anki Leissner, International Coordinator for more information.

Have you got student housing for international students?

No, unfortunate we can not help you with accommodation.
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Have you read everything on this page and not find answer on your questions?

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