Exchange studies, Erasmus, Nordplus

Exchange studies

Students exchange programs are actively promoted and pursued at HDK. NB ! that exchange studies are only open for students whose home university or department has an exchange agreement with HDK.
You have to be nominated by your home school/university to be eligible to apply for exchange studies.

Who can apply for exchange studies?
If you are a student who is interested in attending HDK as an exchange student for one semester the first thing you should do is to check with your Exchange Coordinator or International Office in your home university to find out if your home university/institution has an exchange agreement with HDK. You can also check for HDKs partners on this link, for subject chose "Design and Crafts" in the dropdownlist.

One instituion - two campuses.
Please note that we have two campuses; HDK in Gothenburg and HDK at Steneby in Dals Långed. Read the information carefully about our different programmes and locations so you make sure you apply for the programme that suits you.

Teaching language.
On first cycle (bachelor level) the main teaching language is Swedish. However all students, teachers and staff speak very good English and a summary of the different projects and courses will be given to you in English. You will also have tuition in English. If you have good knowledge in English there won't be any problem for you to follow the studies.
On second cycle (master level) teaching language is English.

Application for the spring term 2018 is closed (deadline October 15)

Application for the autumn term 2018 will open in March, deadline is April 1, 2018
Please note that Courses open for exchange students autumn 2018 will be announced in March

One academic year = two terms

The academic year is divided into two terms:

The autumn term 2017 starts August 28, 2017 - and ends in January, 14 2018 (exchange students has sometimes the possibility to end their studies in the end of December).

The spring term 2018 starts in January 15 and ends in June 3, 2018

Practial issues

Read more about practical services and how you can prepare yoursef for exchange studies at the University of Gothenburg.

If you have any questions concerning exchange studies please contact Anki Leissner, International Coordinator anki.leissner [at]

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