Semester 1
This semester starts with a course (15 hecs) that introduces to you the key pedagogical tool in our programme – the personal project. You will start getting familiar with how to identify and formulate your own project, how to account for your process and your outcome. You will also familiarize yourself with written and spoken reflections as a tool for learning. The second course (15 hecs) is about how to critically deal with visionary projects and visualisations of future possibilities. We will work groupwise with a live project in a wider societal context.

Semester 2
This semester starts with a course (7,5 hecs) that continues the topic of communication and investigates the exhibition as a media for communication through design. The next course (15 hecs) focuses on your advancement in your own field of interest and the development of your artistic skills and methods in a long personal project.
We select a live situation as a common frame of starting points for all projects. There are also workshops and reflection assignments on creativity in the course. The last course before summer break (7,5 hecs) investigates theoretically and practically how designers can act and intervene in social change in society.

Semester 3
This semester contains a long course (22,5 hecs) that once again focuses on your own advancement in two long personal projects, one is explorative and experimental with an open starting point, the other is oriented towards a design solution. You will also have reading assignments and you will write an essay that will advance your knowledge in your own field of interest. The course at the end of the semester (7,5 hecs) will train you in identifying and formulating an adequate idea for your degree project.

Semester 4
This whole semester is one long course consisting of the most advanced personl project of your studies, the degree project. You will on your own formulate, plan and carry through a practical project. At the end of the course you will organize your own documentation of the project and your reflections into a project document. This semester and your two years of studies at HDK ends with the degree show where you will exhibit the outcomes of your degree project.

Text Eva Engstrand

The photo is from the degree project of Suthipa Kamyan 2011.