What can this programme lead to?

The Bachelor’s Programme in Design has as its goal preparing you for professional enterprise as a designer. After three years of study you should have attained sufficient competence in how you confront a design assignment to enable you to continue developing professionally through praxis in your professional working life.

A Bachelor’s Degree in Design will qualify you to apply to a Master’s Programme in Design.

Depending upon your interests, there is a wide field of design open to you after you have completed your education. Some examples in the field are: patterns for fabrics, wallpaper and other materials, graphic design, product design, exhibition design, interior design and furniture design.

By specializing in a particular discipline yet obtaining a more comprehensive view over the entire field of design, you will acquire border-crossing competence. This broader competence will give you the opportunity of creating your own path, unhampered by the traditional professional roles of graphic designer, interior designer, product designer or industrial designer.

Text Kalle Klockars

The photo is from the portfolio of Miriam Hermanson