Teaching structure

Design projects are the building blocks of our courses and study programmes. They may vary in length, being often four to five weeks long, but shorter projects lasting one week also exist.

The Programme is largely founded on practical training, in groups as well as individually. Several of the more comprehensive projects are linked to working life by means of cooperation with external partners.

Theoretical elements in the form of lectures, literature studies and written exercises are often integrated in the practical courses. HDK stands for content, structure, tutoring, guidance, criticism and stimulating challenges, but the drive to succeed must be your own.

A course resulting in a design solution may be structured along the following lines: the course leads off with a lecture, lessons and a study visit followed by individual or group research and analysis. After the creation of information base containing facts and inspiration, the design work proper starts, in groups or individually.

Design work often consists of innovation, making sketches, designing conceptually and in detail and finally visualization and presentation. The course concludes with the presentation of reports, discussion and evaluation. During the entire project, tutor guidance and discussion are available.

The photo is from the portfolio of Maria Lagneryd