The first year is of a more general nature and concentrates on giving you a grasp of the various disciplines. You will be taught the art of communication in various situations using various media, various tools to produce texts and various methods of visualisation. We put a lot of emphasis on drawing - sketching with such a rudimentary tool as a pencil. The first year we also introduce the various phases of the design project and methods for approaching the project. Projects are mandatory during your first year, which means all students attend the same courses.

You have more options during your second year, allowing you to start shaping your own design profile. Choose between delving deeper in one discipline or exploring the borderlands between various design fields. Whatever your choice, you will receive individual tutoring in methodologies related to concepts, disciplines and design. The second-year theme is human beings and users, which means we concentrate particularly on identifying what type of beings humans are. We study the five senses and human's abilities of perception. We learn about target group analysis and user tests.

The third year you specialise even more in your discipline and methodology studies. The project offers you many choices and we emulate real-life projects as much as possible. We also put the business aspect of being a designer in its social context and focus on ethics, accountability and sustainable development. The last term of the third year includes a ten-week bachelor's degree project, which is to demonstrate your ability to formulate and carry out a design project in a professional manner.

Text Kalle Klockars

The photo is from the portfolio of Ami Olin Nordenmarker