What can this programme lead to?

If you want to be a translator, a facilitator, a change agent, a pioneer or an ambassador bringing design into new contexts, this if for you!

The Business and Design programme is both an advanced course and supplementary education, mainly focusing on professional life, but it's also a preparatory education for research. You broaden your options to work in various contexts with product development, service design, marketing or communication.

As a graduate from Business and  Design, you will have gained the skills to become a project manager within development processes where design is integrated as part of a strategic corporate resource. Based on your own expertise, you will also be able to participate in creative processes where design is both an important tool and result. You will gain a broader perspective of the role, conditions and opportunities for design plus greater understanding of how to utilise and strengthen the significance of design skills in different arenas. Potential job opportunities after graduation could also be in leading development processes of future challenges for innovation and social change.