Business & Design MA level

The MA programme with specialization in Business and Design is a 2-year programme, developed in collaboration between Academy of Design and Crafts (HDK) and School of Business Economics and Law at University of Gothenburg.

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No admission to the programme 2018/2019.
A developed Master’s programme in Business & Design is planned to open for applications in the end of 2018, starting autumn 2019.

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Are you a trained designer and want to boost your knowledge of management. Do you in the future want to work strategically with design in an organisation or corporate management?

Are you a trained economist and want to learn more about how to use the design process in order to create more profitable business?

The significance of design and the design process as a strategic instrument for companies and organisations' growth is now both publicly recognised and proven by research. This insight is however far from being put into practice, as well as the ability to integrate design, strategy and economics. It applies for society as well as in for education. Few companies, even those considered design-intense, have design expertise represented among the members of corporate management.

This course provides you with a high-class post-graduate education to develop the understanding, language, knowledge, tools, skills, competencies and methods to work interdisciplinary and strategically with design in all kinds of contexts to be able take leading roles in the changing challenges of our future society.

In the intersection of business & design, international student teams with different backgrounds work on projects dealing with sustainable development, social space, participatory engagement, business innovation or service and experience design.

If you want to know what immense value design can bring in these new contexts and want to be in the forefront of tackling our rising social and corporate complexities, this is the programme for you. Students with an undergraduate background in art or design, as well as business, economics, humanities, technology or social science are welcome to apply.

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