Instructions for portfolio


MFA Programme in Crafts, specializing in Ceramic Art, Jewellery Art & Textile Art
- starting every autumn

Your application is complete when you have formally applied and submitted your portfolio. Here's important information on how to apply and how the admission process works.

The portfolio is submitted digitally in the DAP system - where you also find a Step-by-step guide.

The portfolio should include:

  1. CV, 1 slide
    The CV will be evaluated on previous and relevant professional experience. 
  2. Letter of Intent, 1 slide
    Describe your background and previous experience of your chosen specialization, Textile Art, Jewellery Art or Ceramic Art. We also want you to describe how you intend to develop your knowledge and skills in the context of the programme, and how you want to contribute professionally and academically within the field of Crafts and your chosen specialization.

    The letter of intent will be assessed on your ability to articulate your learning goals, your interests and previous experience of your chosen specialisation, as well as your understanding of the field of Crafts.
  3. Work samples, 10-20 slides
    Photographic presentations of your work.

    The work samples will be assessed on your artistic and technical ability.