Instructions for portfolio


BFA Programme in Wood Oriented Furniture Design,
- starting autumn semester 2017

Your application is complete when you have formally applied and submitted your portfolio. Here's important information on how to apply and how the admission process works.

The portfolio is submitted digitally in the DAP system,
You create your portfolio using any software of choice, and save/export the file into a PDF-file.
Name the document as: name_familyname.pdf.
The document is up-loaded to DAP as one media slide.
Observe that if a movie is part of your application, you will need to up-load it as a separate media slide.


Your document should include:

Part 1a: Design assignment, 2 pages
How can a piece of furniture in wood encourage grown-ups to play? How is it used and in what context can it be placed? Answer the questions by visualizing a proposal in a manner of your own choice, eg. photos of models and / or sketches. Please avoid text on these pages, if necessary – keep it to a minimum.

Part 1b: Explaining text, 1 page
This text is for us to better understand your proposal. We do not evaluate the text linguistically. The text must not exceed one A4-page but relate to following two questions:

  • How did you arrive at the proposal?
  • Describe and motivate your idea.

The assignment is evaluated based on following criteria:

  • Idea
  • Form and material knowledge
  • Presentation
    ”Form and material knowledge” means how you design and construct the piece of furniture, and how you choose to work with the material wood. ”Presentation” is about how you show and communicate your ideas.

Part 2: Portfolio, 6 pages
In this part you show own work that represent your creative experience. We want to see photographs of furniture and objects, drawings, sketches, paintings and / or croquis. Here we look at form and color, presentation and ideas. The programme is based on independent and practical exploration of the material wood and therefore we would like to see examples of experience of this in your portfolio.

Part 3: Previous experience and education, 1 page
In this part, you refer to courses you have attended and describe past experiences that you think are important for your application. Having attended a preparatory artistic training or preparatory wooden craft training is an advantage but not a requirement.

Those applicants who are invited for an interview will receive an additional task to complete and bring to the interview.