Textile-Body-Space BA Level

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Textile-Body-Space BA Level

The programme is designed for you, who want to work with textiles in relation to body and space. The performance stage is one of these spaces. Your project is related to contemporary life and places you approach from your experience, and new perspectives are developed. You will work artistically with costumes and unique garments; clothing viewed in a broader perspective. Form and craft within textiles are related to the new spatial context, body, and identity.

Located in a unique study environment in Dals Långed, 170 kilometers north of Gothenburg, HDK’s well-equipped facilities provide an opportunity for you to enhance your knowledge of textile techniques, such as pattern making, sewing, knitting, weaving, textile printing, embroidery, pleating, and colouring.


During the three-year programme, you will develop your own approach to textiles as a field of studies and gain basic knowledge of materials, methods, and techniques. You largely work on projects where technical, material, and functional requirements are related to space. Through lecturers, guest speakers, workshops, and field trips, you will gain perspective and inspiration for your work and be able to relate it to theory, the world around us, contemporary life, and history. 

Courses in visual interpretation and communication, theory and history are offered together with students in other fine arts BA programmes at HDK Steneby.


The first year is devoted largely to independent work on various projects exploring textile materials and techniques as they relate to both skill and expression. At the same time, you are encouraged to reflect on your relationship to the problems and complexities of arts and craft. The projects are designed to stimulate you to reflect on your approach to the artistic process and to communicate your choice of methods, verbally as well as in writing.

During the second year, you will work on longer projects that will enhance your craft skills and develop your individual artistic approaches in relation to different contexts and their connection to the present. As you master new knowledge, skills, and approaches, higher demands will be placed on you for in-depth analysis and the ability to plan and to implement projects within specified time frames.

In the third year you will delve deeper into craftsmanship, design, and interpretation as you essentially plan your studies yourself. You will independently choose your project’s focus in consultation with your instructor/supervisor. Your own interpretations, ethics, and values are issues to be addressed in the project. Particular emphasis is placed on contextual analysis, communication, and interaction with the world around us. There will also be opportunities for work or study exchanges during the year. The spring semester ends with a degree project in which you can demonstrate your ability to independently pursue in-depth artistic work within a specified time frame.


The programme prepares you for work within the areas of costume and clothing textile design and arts and crafts in the textile field on your own or as an employee. The programme also prepares you for master's level studies.


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Arts and Crafts with specialisation in Textile – Body – Space 180 credits

The programme was previously known as: Textile – Garment – Design.

Image: Work by Klara Albertsson