Metal Art BA Level

Blacksmithing is a craft area where quality becomes better with experience. To succeed, you must have great technical skills and, as an aspiring artist, creative ability.


The 1,200 square meter metal workshop is located in a unique academic environment in Dals Långed, 170 kilometers north of Gothenburg, where you work both at the drawing board and by the workbench. This environment offers excellent conditions for a multifaceted, three-dimensional, experimental artistry. You will learn production techniques, such as hot forging, fabrication, welding and sheet metal forming.

The workshop’s size, equipment and accessibility allow you to operate on a large scale, often on actual projects working with commissioning clients and exhibitions. During your education, you will also have the opportunity to show your work in a variety of public settings.                                                                                                                                      

As a student, you will explore contemporary metal arts and crafts in different contexts and can delve deeper into your artistic expression and craftsmanship.



The three-year programme includes courses in metal craft, public and gallery space, visual interpretation, communication, theory and history.

You will work largely on projects where technical, material and functional requirements are related to space and interpretation problematics. Through lectures, visiting instructors, workshops and field trips, you will gain perspective and inspiration for your work and be able to relate it to theory. As a student, you are encouraged to participate in national and international exchanges, competitions and exhibitions that form the basis of future networks.

Courses in visual interpretation and communication, theory, and history take place along with students in other fine arts BA programmes at HDK Steneby.                                          

This programme is part of the international environment at HDK Steneby. The language of instruction is English. Swedish might be used occasionally for Swedish speaking students.


The first year focuses fundamentally on advanced knowledge in technology, materials and expressions. You will learn about the properties of materials, including metals that are less common in a workshop, such as stainless steel, copper and aluminium. You will also have time to establish and enhance your artistic language and examine how your artistic idea interacts with social contexts.

The second year emphasises awareness of the relationship between the artist and the surrounding world. You will take part of the on-going discussions within the arts, crafts and design scenes and will have the opportunity to join an exchange program with other academies through our international network.

The third year gives greater scope for individually formulated projects by the students in consultation with the supervisor. The focus is on projects related to our surroundings in public spaces. You may communicate your results in a variety of public spaces, such as fairs and indoor and outdoor exhibitions. The spring semester ends with a 10-week independent degree project with a clear orientation towards public spaces.


The programme prepares you to work on commissions for private and public clients, exhibitions and your own artistic endeavours. The programme also prepares you for master's level studies.


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Arts and Crafts with specialization in Metal Art 180 credits.