What can this programme lead to?

Having graduated from the Master’s Programme you are expected to work in chosen contexts, to plan, develop and produce artistic works for public presentation, to value your own work processes and your development of knowledge, to have created a professional network for yourself where you can operate professionally within your specialist field.


Alumni websites

Abraham Amanuelabiy

Ulrika Aneer

Alexander Brandt

Juan Cappa

Therése Carlsson

Richard Damm

Jeffrey Doering

Pontus Ersbacken

Ossian Gustavsson

Karl Hallberg

Martin Horgan

Luka Jelušić

Robert Karlsson

Jokum Lind Jensen

Anna Linnea Liljeholm

Chris Porcarelli

Emelie Rygfelt Wilander

Berith Stennabb

Lina Söderberg

Gustav Thane

Siri Tolander

Annika Wahlström

Josha Woudstra

Graduation shows