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The applicationperiod for the academic year 2017/2018 is closed and will open again in the beginning of December 2017 for the academic year 2018/2019.

1. Apply for the programme at

2. Submit your portfolio in our system DAP

An application is not complete without a correctly submitted portfolio.


You apply for the programme on and submit all documentation that is needed to show you fulfill the entry requirement. It is very important you submit complete documentation. Read more at

If you are not a Swedish citizen or are a Swedish citizen living abroad you either have to provide proof you are exempted from paying the application fee, or pay the application fee. Read more at


The portfolio instructions are different for each programme. If you are applying for more than one programme you have to submit a separate portfolio for each programme. The portfolio is submitted digitally in our system DAP. We recommend you start creating your portfolio in good time.

DAP closes at midnight sharp on the day of deadline, and we can give technical support until 18:00 the same day.

When you have submitted your portfolio you receive a confirmation email. Make sure to check you have received this email, or else your portfolio was not submitted correctly.

To the portfolio instructions for 2017.


All complete applications are assessed by a jury consisting of the Programme Director and representatives from the department. They assess which portfolios are approved and not. The applicants whose portfolios are not approved will get a message on saying they are unqualified.
The jury selects a number of the approved applicants who are called for an interview. After the interviews the jury ranks the applicants. If you are not called for an interview, you will get a message on saying your application is unqualified.

Your academic qualifications are assessed by the University’s Admissions Office.  If you do not fit the entry requirement, your application is made unqualified.  
If you are not formally qualified the jury has the possibility of making exemptions from the formal requirements, if they have ranked your portfolio high and consider ypur background to be equal that of the required Bachelor’s degree. This is done on the initiative of the jury and you cannot ask for this assessment to be made. 


Key dates for this admission round for international master programmes are also available on

1 December 2016
The application period starts.

16 January
Last day to apply on

23 January
Last day to submit your portfolio in DAP

1 February
Last day to submit the documents required to prove you are qualified

1 February
Last day to pay the application fee or provide proof you are exempted from paying.

February - March
Your academic qualifications are assessed.

Applicants who are selected for an interview are contacted. Applicants who are not selected will get a message on saying their application has been deleted.  Interviews are held on Skype or the equivalent between 15-22 February.

24 March
First notification of results is published on

12 April
Last day to reply to your offered place on

21 April
Second notification of results is published on



We have put together frequently asked questions and answers concerning international applicants. If you cannot find answer to your question under FAQ please send an e-mail to: hdkadmission [at]