Ceramic Art BA level

The joint aim of courses given by HDK is to promote the advancement of your artistic expression giving you a strong artistic identity in the chosen medium. The principal methods of teaching are work in the form of courses, project work, lectures and independent study supported by tutor guidance. Course work covers aesthetic, technical and theoretical areas of study.

Courses and projects in the subject field of ceramic art will be interspersed with cross-border themes where the starting point is for example form, colour, story-telling, spatial conception or communication.

Guest lecturers are invited to lead workshops or projects in a specialised area either related to one specific discipline or on a more general theme suitable for all three disciplines. Within each discipline you are offered courses in specific techniques. The course contains a lecture series "History and Theory of Art", which covers both artistic and cultural aspects of the subject. Essay writing is a part of this subject too. Courses in computer fluency, digital image, photography and presentation techniques are also given. You have the use of well-equipped studios and specialised workshops.

Text Annett Florén

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