Teaching structure

The interplay between the development of theoretical awareness and practical aspects is intimate when it comes to contemporary crafts. Theory and practice are united in the creative work which is the basis of all artistic activity.

You formulate and run your individual project according to your needs, and your practical artistic work in the workshops constitutes the basis of your education. Individual supervision in the form of studio conversations will be a complement to your work. Close contact with the professors, other teachers and technicians will provide good conditions for the development of your knowledge and skills, and for reflection

This course of education will also provide the student with the tools for analysing and contextualising what he/she is working on. Individual and group run-throughs, seminars, discussions and presentations of artists currently in the limelight are some of the methods used.

As in the case of the courses which are preparatory for the profession, these components are held in common for all three specialisations. This is an arrangement that encourages cooperation between students and also stimulates an ongoing discussion about matters either specific or of common interest.

The programme is given in Swedish and English according to the needs of the student group.

Photo from the graduation project of Rebecka Jonsson 2015. Photo by Emanuel Cederqvist.