Crafts MA level

How would you like to develop your artistic talents in an environment characterized by open, friendly discourse, where artistic practice is the hub around which reflection, discussions and theories circle? Where cooperation between various art forms is encouraged, while at the same time you have enough space to be able to create an independent framework for your studies?

An artistic practice, in which eye, mind and hand cooperate with one another in a dialogue with the materials, creates knowledge on several levels. Through reflection on and discussions about your own practice, you deepen your artistic ability and your theoretical knowledge and skills. In the Master’s Programme in Crafts you develop your projects in our well-equipped workshops with the support of qualified technicians. You have your own workplace and access to the school twenty-four hours a day.

Ceramic, textile and jewelry artists are specialists with separate international networks while at the same time belonging to a crafts world under intense development. Your artistic identity will become more distinct and your limits will be reconsidered and transformed. This means greater freedom for you to choose the contexts in which you want to be active. Our regular crafts seminars prepare you for this role. In them, discussions are carried on about currently prominent issues, often with specially invited lecturers. At HDK you will meet artists not only in your own field but also with other qualifications than yours. This creates new knowledge and perspectives. It also provides you with the opportunity of making important contacts for your future professional life.  

During your education, you will be able to develop your ability to initiate and run artistic projects. This will demand courage and independence. Individual studio conversations and group reviews are important ingredients in this work.  The shared courses included in the Programme have these individual projects as their base. The Master’s Programme works in close cooperation with the Bachelor’s and Postgraduate levels, in which a completely new crafts theory is in the process of being developed. Our professors and other teachers are internationally active artists. This, in conjunction with a number of external cooperative enterprises, will give you good Swedish and international contact networks and good possibilities for holding exhibitions in Gothenburg and other places.

The Programme is given in Swedish and English, according to the needs of the student group.

After completing the Programme, you will be ready to carry out qualified artistic work within your special field. You will also be qualified to apply to postgraduate studies.

Read about and watch slideshow from our workshops

Text Barbara Häggdahl 

Photo from MA graduation project of Anna Norrgrann 2015. Photo: Anna Norrgrann.


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