Crafts MA level

The master’s programme in Crafts at HDK invites students to explore the purpose of crafts in society today. Artistic exploration through materials and concepts is the basis of the programme. Course work encourages the development of skill-based knowledge, fosters debate about the meaning of material inquiries and investigates the conceptual identity of the crafts.

Master’s specialities in Ceramic Art, Jewellery Art and Textile Art work in close cooperation with the bachelor’s and postgraduate (PhD) in Crafts and are part of the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gothenburg. 

The main focus of your education will be your chosen specialisation of artistic practice. As a student, you will have the opportunity to broaden your frame of references, develop exploratory artistic working methods and deepen your technical and theoretical knowledge. Projects will be developed in HDK’s well-equipped workshops with the support of qualified technicians.

HDK’s study groups are small and you will work in close cooperation with fellow students and staff. Tutoring, courses, lectures and seminars support your education and emphasise reflection and contextualisation of your practice. HDK students have individually allocated workplaces and access to the school twenty-four hours a day.


Students on the master’s programme deepen their artistic knowledge in the field of craft within their chosen specialisation of Ceramic Art, Jewellery Art or Textile Art.

Professors, lecturers and technicians with specialist skills supervise your practice. Invited guest lecturers provide further external perspectives and emphasise both the local and global art world and society.

The programme is delivered in English. Teaching in Swedish will occur if Swedish speaking teachers and students only are present.


During your education, you will develop your ability to initiate and resolve artistic projects creating vital confidence with your own working methods. This demands independence and the capacity for initiative.

Individual studio work is supported by joint and individual tutoring, oral and written presentations, theoretical discussions and seminars, which give you the tools to analyse and refine your work.


Successful completion of the programme anticipates that you will be ready for a professional career as a ceramic, jewellery or textile artist. The programme also introduces preparatory knowledge for postgraduate (PhD) studies in the field.


Master of Fine Arts in Crafts.

Photo from MA graduation project of Anna Norrgrann 2015. Photo: Anna Norrgrann.


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