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As a teacher I try to work as open as possible, with projects and workshops that focus on exploring rahter than explaining. It is important for me that everyone finds their own interest in their work, so that the energy and attention for the process comes from within instead of from teachers, grades and deadlines.
I focus on the open creative process, where curiosity and continuing work is more valuable than a specific goal. Ofcourse there is a result at the end of the line, it always is, but hopefully one that can work as a stepping stone for new ideas, new projects, new explorations.

As an artist I work both individually and in collaboration with others.
It seems that I am interested in relations, references and repetition. They tend to appear in all my projects.

Mattias Gunnarsson

mattias.gunnarsson [at] hdk.gu.se
Senior Lecturer (Associate Professor) in Design


Mattias Gunnarsson


Porous structure

A work in progres in collaboration with Oskar Broberg / cell. A sculpture made fron chop stix and cable ties. First showed together with txt and objects, later moved outdoors. Today a spider lives in it and a little girl said it looks like Paris.

It is as I remember it

Photographs from inside a model. Collage. Exploration of space/time/movement

Midsommarnattsduell (3 akter, i vilka Fermenca är maskerad de två första) / Midsummers night duell

Collage, drawing, from a series of drawings titled 'If you turned around I would stay'

The third landscape - dialogues in 1:1

Spatial work in a quarry in Bohuslän, part of Bottna Land Art 2011. Collaboration with Oskar Broberg (Cell).