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I am a part-time doctoral student since 2013, financed by Göteborgs slöjdförening. Beside my research, I teach sloyd at the teacher training programme at HDK. I worked as a carpenter and cabinetmaker for 13 years before I started teaching at an elementary school in Malmö. Since 2012, I have been working as a teacher at HDK.

As a doctoral student I am a part of CUL (Centre for Educ., Sci. and Teacher Research). My research focuses on communication within the sloyd area: what forms of communication exists in the sloyd teaching area? I take a further look at the visual and auditory aspects and how we use our hands as a tool of communication. How does the individual’s learning process function when instructions during a sloyd lesson transforms into knowledge?

The research is based on empirical data, collected at the teaching programme in sloyd at the universities of Tallinn and Gothenburg. The aim is to search for empirical data in the elementary school as well. I am also collaborating with the Tallin University and Skolen för materiel design in Denmark to exchange more knowledge about culture, crafts and didactics.

My principal supervisor is Marléne Johansson, professor in sloyd at HDK. My assistant supervisor is Peter Hasselskog, senior lecturer in sloyd at HDK. 


Joakim Andersson

joakim.andersson [at] hdk.gu.se
Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Sloyd. Research student